I would like to thank everyone who participated in making the Premiere Production of Stand a huge success.  There are so many people who were involved that it is impossible to name them all.  At a later date, I will try!  I’m still reeling from it all, and trying to tie up loose ends while attempting to move back into my fall schedule of teaching private lessons.  There is still so much to do, but that sense of every task being urgent is not there, for which I am grateful.

Many thanks to all the folks mentioned on the personnel pages of the concert program, without whose hard work and support the premiere would never have happened.  I am deeply grateful to The United States Marine Corps, and all the units cited, and then some, as their support was instrumental in making this come to fruition.

I am also deeply grateful to all the friends, Marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen and their family & friends who I met online through Facebook.  Your undying support in times of my need for strength was truly remarkable and your words were frequently ringing in my ears in moments of distress and anguish–of which there were many.

Most particularly, I would like to thank the following Marines who have already EAS’d:  Cpl Jim Krantz (IA) who drove all the way out to be here and take photos, not to mention his many monetary contributions, Sgt. David Hammer (WA), for all his encouraging words and for sending me his EGA which attended the performance with me, Sgt. Jordan Keesler (OK), without the Pulitzer Prize-Winning photo of him stuck to the wall next to the piano, I might still be sitting at the piano composing, Cpl. Patrick Stevens (AZ), my dear friend who kept me centered last September through January and assisted in finding images to influence my drawing/logo, J. Allen Brakel, Steve Panza, SSgt David Davis, Cpl Scott DeMunn, and so many more.  And to the Marines who are still active who have been so supportive, and continued to check in during deployments: Cpl. Courtland McCullough (AZ), for the use of the beautiful photo on the “Origin/Intention” page of this website (foreground), for his incredibly generous donation on a Corporal’s salary and for his friendship and assistance.   Sgt. Carl Swenson, (PA), currently at Quantico and responsible for pointing me in the right direction to secure funeral honors rendered by the firing detail out of Brooklyn, NY, Jared Maxwell (FL) (whose rank I don’t know but it should be at least Sgt), for encouraging words and friendship.  You’ll never know how much you all helped me through.

There are many more, including friends and family of service personnel, including Teresa Woody who drove out from IN to be here, Lynn Hallman Hayes (ME) a contributor and the mom of a Marine, now a DI at Parris Island and my friend Ramona McLeod, (IL) for hearing me out and listening to a whole bunch of stuff, and encouraging me to the end.

With profound gratitude, I thank you all for your encouragement and assistance.  I know there are some I have left out.  Please accept my apologies.  So many of you were so very helpful along the way.


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  1. Ramona McLeod says:

    I am honored to say that I’m your friend, Anita. I am so very proud of you, and admire you greatly for making this fantastic and moving tribute a reality! You’re an inspiration, dear friend. <3 xoxoxo

    Most sincerely,


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