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Last year, I lamented I couldn’t attend the debut of “Stand” (too far). Now, I have seen the entire video series. This is the only way to approach that experience! The jazz symphony itself conveys the impact of 9/11 and the aftermath. The gorgeous day, beautiful setting, amazing music: all contribute to this perfect patriotic celebration. The precision of the Marines’ Silent Drill Platoon was a stunning visual — a stroke of genius! “Stand” is a healing experience, a reminder that after a National tragedy we must Stand together to keep our country strong.
Cy Mulholland – Author from A Marne Mind: A Soldier’s War with Recovery wrote at February 28, 2012:
Awesome website! I look forward to hopefully working with you in the future. Keep in touch and God bless you all!
Sgt Carl Swenson from Quantico, VA wrote at February 15, 2012:
Ma’am, I received your letter today and now it’s my turn to give thanks to you. Your kind words are more than I could have ever imagined. My MSgt saw the letter and is putting it into an award for me to be presented. I also can’t thank you enough for including my name in your thank you letter to Gen Amos and Col Kennedy. I hope to hear more about you and your involvement with the Marine Corps in the near future. Oh, and we WILL get together for beer soon. Can’t wait to meet you in person. Thank you for your patriotism and deidcation to our beloved Corps. Semper Fidelis.
Anthony R Jasso, Jr. from Newton, KS wrote at November 17, 2011:
Anita, I have just found you and your compositions. I was most impressed with your performance of Stand. I do look forward to future performances and works by you and your group.
Mark Dubinsky wrote at November 15, 2011:
Dear Anita– Stand: A Symphony For Jazz Orchestra is simply amazing. Your composition and arranging skills, the musicianship of your instrumentalists, the strong singing, and the US Marine Corps Silent Drill Team were all magnificent. For me, listening to Stand was a highly emotional musical journey, each movement giving me a unique experience, providing a new meaning to my reflections of the 9-11 tragedy. In the end, I found it uplifting, much in the same way as a great Mahler Symphony can elevate one’s experience of the human condition. Bravo, Maestro Anita Brown! Thanks for creating something wonderful and uniquely moving. Mark Dubinsky Bedford, New Hampshire
Cathy wrote at November 10, 2011:
Couldn’t make the performance but I was so happy to see the videos on this site. What a great accomplishment, Anita. The music really captured the emotions surrounding 9/11. The soloists were terrific and the whole piece was wonderful. I really enjoyed it – congrats!
Robyn Huck from Woodstock, Vermont wrote at November 1, 2011:
My intention to attend the premier of Stand was thwarted by Hurricane Irene, but I’ve now listened to the recording several times through. Even with the less than optimal outdoor recording circumstances, the power of the piece is captured. The second movement, Tuesday Morning, is nothing short of stunning.
SSgt Redmon from 6th Comm Bn wrote at October 9, 2011:
The Marines of 6th Comm and I would like to thank you for having us be part of this historic endeavor. It all came together nicely.
Tim Armacost wrote at September 23, 2011:
Hey Anita – just wanted to check in – the show was an amazing event to be a part of, but for me the deepest thing about it is that the melodies you wrote have been going continuously in my mind since Friday. Great piece of work. I hope we get to perform it again….. tim
Debbie Maidman wrote at September 23, 2011:
Anita, I read your posts and you are dead on…this was one of Nyacks finest afternoons and so much effort on your part to provide an afternoon of a one of a kind tribute..kudos to you and your efforts once again; those of us who did attend were treated to a wonderful combination of music artistry as well as the phenonmenal performance of the USMC Drill Platoon…it truly is a shame that the media can only focus on the nonsense that goes around us on a day to day basis and can not give equal attention to the good… my heart goes out to you as I for one understand your frustrations at trying to make ends meet by using a gift that not many share….and it really s..ks big time to think of having to get a meaningless job to generate revenue…you can never get ahead in this area sorry to say which is a reason I am being forced to leave Rockland…story for another day…hoping you are able to find your pathway in a venue that continues to bring you joy and that beautiful smile on your face that I have seen on more than one occasion!!
Jami Dauber from New York wrote at September 23, 2011:
Anita, it was a complete honor and privilege to perform in your band for Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra. I KNOW how much blood, sweat and tears you put into this – you accomplished more in the past year and a half than most people do in a lifetime. You alone did the work of 100’s – yes, you had some help along the way, but YOU, my dear, should be very, very proud of what you accomplished. BRAVO!!
Chuck Donches from A fresh perspective wrote at September 14, 2011:
As any good art will, I was given a fresh perspective on a familiar subject through listening to your music. In transmogrifying the traditional Taps into the rousing chorus of “We Will Stand Tall”, you showed me a new way to see the loss of war and of 9/11. It was a wonderful tribute to the fallen; proud and triumphant beyond the reach of those who hate and destroy. I’m sure I will hear that music in my mind as I visit the Ground Zero Memorial next month. Again, thank you for such wonderful, beautiful work.
Annie Katzman from NYC, NY wrote at September 11, 2011:
Dear Anita…. Your production of Stand was such a wonderful success! I want to say again that it was more than my pleasure to have been there to experience this whole show first hand. The Silent Drill Platoon also were more than impressive…. I had a great spot too, right in front! I look forward to hearing more of your compositions in the future. Thank you!
Nancy Gustafson Barker from Gresham, OR wrote at August 31, 2011:
Anita, I loved “27 East. Now, as a patriot, I am excited about the debut of “Stand.” While a college adviser, I saw that although many little girls are involved in music and bands in grade-school, at the college level, they are rare in jazz bands. Anita, you yourself are so rare: a strong woman taking a leadership role in jazz performance and education. You are a wonderful role model for all those budding young female musicians!
Lt(N)Pierre Lefebvre from Canadian Forces Reserve Navy CIC wrote at April 26, 2011:
Keep going guys! Semper Fi!
Ike Oshana from Facebook wrote at March 30, 2011:
Anita, Thank you and all who work with you in a job well done on behalf of our troops. I served ten years in the corps and they were the best ten years of my life. If we had more people like yourself out there, perhaps it would not be so bad on some of the treatment that some of our boys get when they come home. It is not so bad now as it was after Vietnam, but there are still those on the isolated fringe who cannot stand a man in uniform. But with people like yourself, perhaps we can bring them around to becoming our supporters rather than our detractors. I have friends in Iraq and Afghanistan and more on their way to Libya for just in case. As a volunteer at the Long Beach, California VA Medical Center I see what war has done to some of our young men and it brings we to tears. I served in Korea and I think that I saw more than a young man should have seen and it lives with me every day. I hope you have a wonderfully happy life and keep supporting our men and women in uniform. Feel free to write anytime. Semper fi, Ike Oshana, USMC (Ret) 2/1 – 1952 – 1962.
Michelle Shreckengost from NH wrote at March 29, 2011:
Anita, You are an amazing composer/musician, teacher, aunt, sister, daughter & most of all…. an amazing, selfless, courageous friend. I am proud, and very honored, to call you my friend. The world is a much better place because of you. See you on Letterman! ♥ U
Theresa from MacDonnell wrote at March 23, 2011:
Anita, I got such chills when you described the concept of your vision months ago. The effect has not diminished, evidenced by the hair standing on end upon hearing more details when I saw you last week. I am so excited for you knowing that your vision is going to be realized! I will bring a box of tissues. :) Go Anita!! xoox Theresa
Brian Anderson wrote at March 14, 2011:
Can’t wait to see and hear what you have created!
Jim Krantz wrote at March 13, 2011:
How small my words are after you are thanked by Headquarters Marine Corps and The Commandant of the Marine Corps. Suffice to say, I am totally thankful for your appreciation and support of our Corps. I look forward to the event this September.
Jeff Morgan wrote at February 13, 2011:
I really appreciate what you are doing for the memories of those who perished on 911. God Bless America
Faith OHan wrote at February 4, 2011:
Nice reconnecting with you on Facebook. You were the best music teacher I ever had — of course I took it all for granted at the time. You know what they say about youth — wasted on the young. You really were (and still are) so young at heart and generous with your self and your time. When I was younger, I just didn’t understand how talented you were because I didn’t know enough about music. But I still remember so many of the things you put together, and the arrangements. I especially remember Lenny Kravitz “Let Love Rule”. . .you put so much energy into all you did, it really made it special for everyone. Recently I was in a psychiatric hospital in Boston and one of the clinicians there was running a music group. I told him about one of the activities you did with us in Middle School — having us draw on paper how different pieces of music made us feel. In particular, I remember “Rite of Spring”. . .I kept the drawing I did for a long time. Anyway, they tried it at the hospital and everyone loved it. Everything we do touches more people than we know. Especially people like YOU who reach out to others so much and are so warm and loving. Good luck with all your projects. If anyone deserves all the support they can get, financial or otherwise — it’s you. Thanks so much for the great memories! And by the way — this website is awesome. Can’t wait to explore it some more. ~ Faith
George Greene from Gemitorious wrote at February 4, 2011:
Great news about your getting a venue for “Stand”…then on to the bigger one in “The Apple” Go get ’em Anita.
steve finkelstein from ny wrote at January 30, 2011:
Hey Anita- I remember the day after the 9/11 tragedy we had a special service at school – an assembly for every teacher, administrator and student at Wheatley, where I still teach. (If I’m not mistaken, you were teaching at that time too). I and a colleague, Glen Pribek, (brother of Gary) played the long roll on snare drums for the National Anthem and Taps with another colleague, Steve Fitzko on trumpet. If you decide you need to record some marching drums for this project, I’d be honored to help. Unfortunately, I’m hearing that ominous drum beat again in the news right now. So good to see you keeping your creativity on a roll, especially for such a great project. Though often overlooked in times like these, the arts can sometimes help as much as anything to keep us all a little more human.
Kari Musil from Minnesota wrote at January 28, 2011:
I’m looking forward to experiencing your creative process, Anita!
Patrick wrote at January 23, 2011:
Site is looking great! Keep it up :)
Patrick wrote at January 23, 2011:
Everything is looking great! Keep up the good work :)
Teresa Woody wrote at December 31, 2010:
Anita, this is awesome. Can’t contribute right now, but will do so late in the new year. I can’t wait for it’s completion!] Woody
Fred Foster wrote at December 31, 2010:
I have read everything at the web site and watched the video. First let me thank you for doing what you are doing for 9/11. Born and raised in upstate New York I share the special New Yorker pain with you. As a Marine the awful pain and deep seeded anger that the enemy reached those we are sworn to protect. We will never forget and your efforts only strengthen our resolve.
Maggie wrote at December 31, 2010:
This is great! Good luck – I look forward to more!!
Jonathan Grimes wrote at December 28, 2010:
I loved the twelve days of Christmas (Marine Lyrics). I am a former Marine myself, and when i heard those lyrics i knew they could have only been written by a Marine. Whoever wrote that needs to keep up the good work and Semper Fi.
cathy wrote at December 23, 2010:
Nice website. Great video of the precision drill team. Looking forward to hearing your music.
Halley wrote at December 20, 2010:
I saw your 12 Days of Christmas Marine’s lyrics, and loved it! That led me to look around here. You’re great!! Semper Fi!
Paul wrote at December 12, 2010:
Welcome guest! Please leave your comments here, and then go tell everyone you know about this project. Thanks for visiting!

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